If you can not execute the docker command on Windows...

OMG, the docker command doesn't work on Windows suddenly...

Have you ever suddenly encountered the following error when hitting the Docker command due to Windows suddenly shutting down?

$ docker ps -a

error during connect: This error may indicate that the docker daemon is not running.: Get http://%2F%2F.%2Fpipe%2Fdocker_engine/v1.24/containers/json?all=1: open //./pipe/docker_engine: The system cannot find the file specified.

In case of the docker-compose command,

docker-compose up
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "site-packages\docker\api\client.py", line 205, in _retrieve_server_version
  File "site-packages\docker\api\daemon.py", line 181, in version
  File "site-packages\docker\utils\decorators.py", line 46, in inner
  File "site-packages\docker\api\client.py", line 228, in _get
  File "site-packages\requests\sessions.py", line 543, in get
  File "site-packages\requests\sessions.py", line 530, in request
  File "site-packages\requests\sessions.py", line 643, in send
  File "site-packages\requests\adapters.py", line 449, in send
  File "site-packages\urllib3\connectionpool.py", line 677, in urlopen
  File "site-packages\urllib3\connectionpool.py", line 392, in _make_request
  File "http\client.py", line 1244, in request
  File "http\client.py", line 1290, in _send_request
  File "http\client.py", line 1239, in endheaders
  File "http\client.py", line 1026, in _send_output
  File "http\client.py", line 966, in send
  File "site-packages\docker\transport\npipeconn.py", line 32, in connect
  File "site-packages\docker\transport\npipesocket.py", line 23, in wrapped
  File "site-packages\docker\transport\npipesocket.py", line 72, in connect
  File "site-packages\docker\transport\npipesocket.py", line 59, in connect
pywintypes.error: (2, 'CreateFile', 'The system cannot find the file specified.')

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "docker-compose", line 3, in <module>
  File "compose\cli\main.py", line 67, in main
  File "compose\cli\main.py", line 123, in perform_command
  File "compose\cli\command.py", line 69, in project_from_options
  File "compose\cli\command.py", line 132, in get_project
  File "compose\cli\docker_client.py", line 43, in get_client
  File "compose\cli\docker_client.py", line 170, in docker_client
  File "site-packages\docker\api\client.py", line 188, in __init__
  File "site-packages\docker\api\client.py", line 213, in _retrieve_server_version
docker.errors.DockerException: Error while fetching server API version: (2, 'CreateFile', 'The system cannot find the file specified.')
[372] Failed to execute script docker-compose


You can fix this problem by executing the following command.

$ "C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\DockerCli.exe" -SwitchDaemon

This error is caused by the sudden shutdown of the Docker daemon, which is still alive. For this reason, switch the daemon with the above command.

If you can not find your images or volumes, please restart the Docker itself.

You may be surprised to see this error suddenly.

Updated at: Sat Feb 27 2021

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