[Free] 3 ways to translate PDF online! - support word, power point etc.

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We introduce the following three services to translate PDF. Personally, I recommend DeepL.



Portable Document Format (PDF) files were first introduced in the 1990s and are now used in It has been widely used from from academic papers and government documents to supermarket flyers and internet Shopping invoices are essential in your daily life. Even at work, you can print out invoices as PDFs, or scan printed documents into PDFs. If you live in your home country, it is unlikely that you will have trouble reading PDFs.

If you live in your home country, you are unlikely to have any trouble reading PDFs, mostly because they are available in your native language. If you live in your home country, you're unlikely to have trouble reading PDFs, mostly because they are available in your native language. But you may still be able to buy products from a foreign site, communicate with foreign companies, or read scientific papers in If you read it, it will be in a language other than your native tongue. If you're fluent in that language, it's not a problem, but that's often not the case. This is where you can rely on machine translation, which has become much more accurate in recent years.

Some services, including Google Translate, can translate PDFs as well. In this article, we'll introduce three useful ones. Please note that the content of the document must be uploaded to the other side's server for the sake of translation. If you have any concerns, please contact your legal counsel. If you have any concerns about the use of confidential documents, please contact your legal counsel. Please check.

Those of you who have worked with PDFs using programming languages will know that they are not the same as regular text and PDF files are difficult to work with in comparison: there are many versions of PDF, and the library Some of the newer versions may not be supported, or may not be able to handle the internal fonts or the like. As a result, there are fewer services that offer PDF translations than text translations.

PDF translation services

Google Translate

This is the de facto standard translation service provided by Google. It is usually used for text and voice translation, but it can also translate documents. We support the following

  • Microsoft Office Word (.doc, .docx)

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

  • Microsoft Office Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

  • ODF file (.odf)

  • PDF file (.pdf)

  • PostScript file (.ps)

  • Rich text file (.rtf)

  • Text file (.txt)

Google Translate

How to use of Google Translate

It's easy to use, all you have to do is upload the file and select the language to translate. Of course, it is possible to select the original language, and it is possible to automatically identify it.

Pros/Cons of Google Translate

  • Pros

    • Supports 103 languages

    • free

    • No ads

  • Cons

    • I want to translate the contents of a PDF, but I cannot get a translated PDF.
      • It is difficult to understand because no pictures or diagrams are displayed.

Recommended degree of Google Translate


Doc Translator

This one uses Google Translate as the translation engine and maintains the formatting Files are available for download; more than 50 million have been downloaded since the service was launched in 2010 They have dealt with the documents.

The format of the supported documents is almost the same as Google Translate.

How to use of Doc Translator

To use it, press the translate button below the ad near the center of the screen to go to a page where you can upload the file. Then upload the PDF file and wait for a moment to download it. Please note that the download button is obscured by the ad, so be careful.

Download link

Pros/Cons of Doc Translator

  • Pros

    • Preserve PDF format

    • free

  • Cons

    • There are so many advertisements that I accidentally click.

Recommended degree of Doc Translator



There are several other services, but they are inevitably based on Google Translate, and the accuracy I'm not happy with However, there are few services that can convert PDFs directly. The last service I'll mention, DeepL, has a pretty good quality machine translation at the moment Service. For the translation of files, the service only supports Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint, and does not support the We don't do this, but with the extra step of converting a PDF to a Word document, we can improve the translation You can get the document.


How to use of DeepL

  1. Convert PDF to Word document.

  2. Access to DeepL and click the translate document under the textarea.

  3. Upload the PDF file and select the target language.

Pros/Cons of DeepL

  • Pros

    • High quality translation available

    • free

  • Cons

    • There are few supported languages.

      • Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified)

      • Since it covers major languages, it can be used in many cases.

    • Some languages ​​cannot be translated even in the supported languages.

    • You cannot upload the PDF directly.

Recommended degree of DeepL


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