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Online JSON Translator: Free to use!

Summary (TL;DR)

It's easy to translate JSON files into other languages and download the translated JSON files online for free. This tool supports more than 100 languages included minor languages which have less speakers.

Translate JSON


If you're involved in translating sites or applications, you'll be familiar with the idea of translating a translation file into In many cases, they are treated as JSON files. In fact i18next and jQuery.I18n handles translation files in JSON format.

JSON files are simple in structure, can express complex structures, and can be used in various languages. It's easy to do. That's why many services and products, including package.json, also use it as a configuration file. It is used.

While very useful, when the development phase is over and we move to the operational phase, there are difficulties in maintaining it There are many things to do. Configuration files are managed by other applications such as Excel and spreadsheets. or have a dedicated application to generate it. In the case of translation files, the information is read out of the JSON structured file and the There is more work involved in structuring it again. So if you can translate the JSON file as is, you can save a little bit of time.

How to Use

  1. Enter or copy and paste a JSON file into the input area.
    • If the structure of the JSON file is incorrect, an error occurs.
    • The maximum length of the file is 3,000 characters.
    • Currently, numbers and dates are not converted.
    • The JSON file is treated as a UTF-8 character code. 1.
  2. Select the language of the input JSON file (original language) and the target language (translated), and then select Please download the form.
    • If both are in the same language, you can download the input directly.
  3. Please click the translate button.
    • It may take some time depending on the number of characters. 1.
  4. Click the Download button.
    • The file will be deleted in 3 seconds after downloading.
    • If you do not want the file to be formatted, check the checkbox to turn off.
    • The download file is named as "json." + language code(en, ja, de,,,) + date string + ".json".
      • Ex:) json.ja-2020_6_10 10_35_06.json

Support more than 100 languages

We support more than 100 languages. Please try to use it!

Afrikaans(af), Amharic(am), Arabic(ar), Azerbaijani(az), Belarusian(be), Bulgarian(bg), Bengali(bn), Bosnian(bs), Catalan(ca), Cebuano(ceb), Corsican(co), Czech(cs), Welsh(cy), Danish(da), German(de), Greek(el), English(en), Esperanto(eo), Spanish(es), Estonian(et), Basque(eu), Persian(fa), Finnish(fi), French(fr), Frisian(fy), Irish(ga), Scots Gaelic(gd), Galician(gl), Gujarati(gu), Hausa(ha), Hawaiian(haw), Hebrew(he), Hindi(hi), Hmong(hmn), Croatian(hr), Haitian Creole(ht), Hungarian(hu), Armenian(hy), Indonesian(id), Igbo(ig), Icelandic(is), Italian(it), Japanese(ja), Javanese(jv), Georgian(ka), Kazakh(kk), Khmer(km), Kannada(kn), Korean(ko), Kurdish(ku), Kyrgyz(ky), Latin(la), Luxembourgish(lb), Lao(lo), Lithuanian(lt), Latvian(lv), Malagasy(mg), Maori(mi), Macedonian(mk), Malayalam(ml), Mongolian(mn), Marathi(mr), Malay(ms), Maltese(mt), Myanmar(my), Nepali(ne), Dutch(nl), Norwegian(no), Nyanja(ny), Punjabi(pa), Polish(pl), Pashto(ps), Portuguese(pt), Romanian(ro), Russian(ru), Sindhi(sd), Sinhala(si), Slovak(sk), Slovenian(sl), Samoan(sm), Shona(sn), Somali(so), Albanian(sq), Serbian(sr), Sesotho(st), Sundanese(su), Swedish(sv), Swahili(sw), Tamil(ta), Telugu(te), Tajik(tg), Thai(th), Tagalog(tl), Turkish(tr), Ukrainian(uk), Urdu(ur), Uzbek(uz), Vietnamese(vi), Xhosa(xh), Yiddish(yi), Yoruba(yo), Simplified Chinese(zh-CN), Traditional Chinese(zh-TW)


Example of use (English ⇒ Japanese)

  1. Input JSON file
  "title": "Welcome to react using react-i18next",
  "description": {
    "part1": "To get started, edit <1>src/App.js</1> and save to reload.",
    "part2": "Switch language between english and german using buttons above."
  1. Translation result from English to Japanese

Example of use

  "title": "react-i18nextを使用して反応することを歓迎します",
  "description": {
    "part1": "開始するには、<1> src / App.js </ 1>を編集し、保存して再読み込みします。",
    "part2": "上のボタンを使用して英語とドイツ語を切り替えます。"


There is also the possibility of creating a service using a translation engine other than Google Translate in the future. See you!

Updated at: Mon Nov 02 2020

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